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Ditch your bad habits and start living your best life!


It's possible - you just need simple, natural solutions that work for you.


I'm Samantha Attard, nutrition PhD, wellness coach, and yoga teacher. I'll show you how to get there.


Yoga & Meditation

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Health & Wellness

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Well at Work


Discover your distinct formula for feeling powerful, positive, and productive!


about3Working with Sam has been a wonderful experience!
Sam asked the right questions, and then offered highly customized solutions during our sessions.
And, Sam is deeply knowledgeable and lovely to be around.
Great experience, I highly recommend!
- Jill W., Entrepreneur, Raleigh, NC

maya Doing yoga with Sam has transformed my confidence in my skills and in myself. Sam is kind, perceptive, passionate, and prioritizes teaching over telling. I've gone from feeling "meh" about yoga to absolutely loving it, and more importantly, sticking to it! I HIGHLY recommend Sam to anyone looking to develop a passion for yoga.
-Maya N., Postdoctoral Fellow, Paris, France