Hi! I am Samantha Attard, PhD, and my mission is to help you become a happier, healthier human.

That's why I :

  • researched nutrition and earned my PhD in public health.
  • trained and teach as a Vinyasa yoga instructor.
  • studied and follow the best nutrition and wellness practices from Western and Eastern medicine.

It’s led to a lot of knowledge and deep insights that can have a powerful impact on your life. I’m so grateful and excited to share them with you!

In 2014, I noticed a huge problem with many health resources that I knew many people didn’t realize: most diet books, fitness plans, and healthy living articles aren’t tailored to your unique, individual needs. They try to sell you a prescriptive plan with promises of 100% effectiveness. And when you can’t manage to follow their rules? …shame on you.

Here’s the truth: there’s no one-size-fits all plan out there for me, or for anyone. Our bodies, experiences, routines and goals are all unique. That means we need tailored advice and customized solutions to achieve our greatest health. And so, Happy Healthy Human was born.

I know that you, as an individual, have an inner guide to wellness based on your own body, your unique goals, and your distinct lifestyle. It’s just waiting to be uncovered. So many of us have spent years of ignoring our intuition, and we could use a little help reconnecting with our inner guide.

And with some smart, insightful strategies, you will be a powerful force of happiness and health. Happy Healthy Human provides blogs and ebooks, an online community, in person and online workshops, as well as health and wellness coaching that makes wellness personal again. We help you clarify what happiness and health means for you and then implement a plan to achieve your customized goals. It’s a one-two punch that will leave you feeling calm, connected, and confident.

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about3Our relationship is built on trust. Before I share a healthy living or productivity tip with you, I first gather and devour the best research out there so that I can deliver an accurate, evidence-based, message tailored for you.

Because of my years of experience as a researcher, educator, and Vinyasa yoga instructor, I excel at combining research savvy with strong teaching skills and a passion for helping others. And I want to share this passion with you.

With the resources I provide through Happy Healthy Human, you will have the confidence and knowledge to make healthy decisions now and throughout the rest of your life. You will find calm, knowing that you are living your best life today.

Don’t just take my word for it. I've been featured on podcasts, TV, and print media. But the proof is in the results I get for my clients - see the testimonials below from amazing happy, healthy humans all across the country!


I would recommend Samantha Attard’s classes to anyone. Sam is able to combine a thorough knowledge and understanding of yoga as an instructor with a genuine and happy personality. Practices with Sam are challenging, rewarding, and just plain fun.
-Adam S., Research Scientist

Working with Sam has been a wonderful experience! Sam asked the right questions to get to know my goals and priorities quickly, and then offered highly customized solutions during our sessions. I’ve made several positive changes as a result of our time together. And, Sam is deeply knowledgeable and lovely to be around. Great experience, highly recommend!
- Jill W., Entrepreneur

Doing yoga with Sam has transformed my confidence in my skills and in myself. Sam is kind, perceptive, passionate, and prioritizes teaching over telling. I've gone from feeling "meh" about yoga to absolutely loving it, and more importantly, sticking to it! I HIGHLY recommend Sam to anyone looking to develop a passion for yoga.
-Maya N., Postdoctoral Fellow



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Have a wonderful day,
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P.S. Do you have a few moments? Let me know in the form below: what's your biggest challenge to achieving better health right now?


Professional Bio
Samantha Attard PhDSamantha Attard, PhD is a nutrition consultant and Adjunct Professor at American University. Through her business, Happy Healthy Human, Samantha helps ambitious adults achieve their best health and wellbeing through better nutrition, mindfulness, and private yoga. Samantha received her Bachelors of Chemical Engineering at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, and a PhD in Nutrition with a minor in Epidemiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research has been featured in British Medical Journal, Diabetologia, and Journal of Hypertension, among others, and she has presented her award-winning work at the American Heart Association EPI/Lifestyle Annual Meeting and at The Obesity Society Annual Meeting.
Samantha is a registered yoga instructor (RYT-200) and teaches private individuals as well as at the Senate, Environmental Protection Agency, Whole Foods, WeWork, and yoga studios in D.C. and North Carolina.
Samantha has spoken about health, nutrition, and productivity at companies and organization including Seventh Generation, Wedding Wire, Georgetown Medical School, HQ Raleigh, Joe Coffee, and the Annual Conference for Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital Age.
Samantha and her work has been featured on WUSA 9's Great Day Washington, on podcasts like the Smart People Podcast, which as over 40,000 subscribers, and on online publications like Phettle Magazine.
In addition to helping individuals achieve vibrant health, Samantha works with companies to revamp their wellness programs and provide holistic, evidence-based, and effective programs to their employees. In May 2015, Samantha traveled to Florianopolis, Brazil with the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces to support their annual awards and summit, and is now preparing a report on that trip for peer-reviewed publication. When not teaching, coaching, writing, or speaking, Samantha loves trips to the farmer’s market, cooking experiments, reading, and morning walks. Connect with Sam on Instagram/Snapchat at @happyhealthysam, check out her nutrition and yoga video broadcasts on Periscope, or say hello – sam[at]behappyhealthyhuman[dot]com.

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