about happy healthy humanThe Mission

We believe that a Happy Healthy Human comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, ages, or life situations. Being a Happy Healthy Human is about having an internal light and energy that shines.

We Believe:

  • life is better when it’s lived with intention.
  • the more you name what you want, the more empowered you are to reach it.
  • healthy living doesn’t have to be boring, tasteless, or dull.
  • taking care of yourself is an act of service to others.
  • how you do one thing is how you do everything.

Our products and services are designed to help you be your best, brightest self.


Samantha AttardThe Founder

Samantha Attard helps people tap into their true desires and achieve their goals.

She's a nutrition PhD, yoga instructor, and certified nutritionist. Happy Healthy Human was born when Sam was in grad school at UNC Chapel Hill. She was doing research into diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, and realized that people need personalized nutrition and medicine in order to achieve their best health. Sam dove into Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, ancient traditions that prize personalization and prevention. She began to use these principles as a nutritionist and yoga instructor, in her Ayurveda retreats, and in her workshops with clients like Seventh Generation, Georgetown Medical School, and WeWork. And now, we're delivering that message of intention right to your home with Happy Healthy Human snacks. Sam's happiest when she's outdoors at a garden or near the ocean. Contact her at sam@behappyhealthyhuman.com.

Working with Sam has been a wonderful experience! Sam asked the right questions to get to know my goals and priorities quickly, and then offered highly customized solutions during our sessions. I’ve made several positive changes as a result of our time together. And, Sam is deeply knowledgeable and lovely to be around. Great experience, highly recommend!
- Jill W., Entrepreneur

Doing yoga with Sam has transformed my confidence in my skills and in myself. Sam is kind, perceptive, passionate, and prioritizes teaching over telling. I've gone from feeling "meh" about yoga to absolutely loving it, and more importantly, sticking to it! I HIGHLY recommend Sam to anyone looking to develop a passion for yoga.
-Maya N., Postdoctoral Fellow


The Team

Jenny GervasiJenny Gervasi
Jenny is a Kentucky born transplant whose been living in DC for the last 7 years. She studied anthropology and sociology at Centre College and is now obtaining her Masters in Nutrition Education at American University. Jenny loves biking around DC, playing softball, cooking for friends and family, trying new restaurants, and most of all -

Jenny has traveled the world over the last 8 years and it's her goal to visit over 50 countries by 2020. She loves to get the authentic travel experience, meeting the locals and sharing their customs and cuisines.

While she obtains her masters she is active in Global Millennials for Progress and hopes to open up her own kitchen for low income families after graduation.

Odetta HartmanOdetta Hartman
Odetta Hartman is a musician & educator currently living in DC.

As a native New Yorker, she was raised in the restaurant industry by her visionary parents, the pizza pioneers behind Two Boots. Through her travels & studies, she has cultivated a deep passion for sustainability, holistic healing, Ashtanga yoga, and building community through the arts.

As a member of the Happy Healthy Human team, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from Sam's nutritional expertise and help bring the tenets of a happy, healthy lifestyle to the greater Washington, DC area.

Check out Odetta's music on Spotify or Bandcamp.


Juliana RepiceJuliana Repice
Juliana moved from New York to the District four years ago to earn her MA in Psychology from American University.

She has a lifelong interest in all things food, from learning how to grow it, cook it, and enjoy it! Through previous work as a baker, Juliana realized the importance of nourishing your body with whole foods, is excited to creating tasty, healthy snacks with Happy Healthy Human. In her spare time, you’ll find Juliana out on a run through Rock Creek Park or baking bread.

Nicole GrahamNicole Graham
Nicole is a Massachusetts native but relocated to the District a few years ago to earn a Master's degree in International Affairs from American University. During her time in grad school she interned for nutrition-related organizations like the Hunger Project and Humanitas Global.

Now a data analyst at the Department of Health and Human Services, Nicole loves cooking, learning about new foods, coffee, and reading as many books at a time as she can.A recent addition to the Happy Healthy Human team, she looks forward to spreading the Happy Healthy Human mantra and values throughout the DC area.


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