Happy, Healthy, and most definitely Human

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In last weeks’ newsletter, I talked about the inevitable mistakes and slip ups we make while living a healthy lifestyle. You’d think it’d be easy to make those decisions that support our health – just think about the sheer number of health articles, books and tips you’re read this year…. Even with incredible amounts of information at our fingertips, none of us manage to act as healthy as can be 100% of the time.  Yet, many of us have the expectation that we have to be striving for 100% health.


Even though the holiday season gets a lot of blame from health professionals…

living healthfully is a conscious decision 365 days per year.

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Do I have to eat tofu to be healthy?

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Photo by Alexandra C. Bertin

When the topic of vegetarianism comes up, the most common complaint I hear is “does that mean I’ll have to eat tofu all day long?” Unfortunately, the idea that vegetarians and vegans live a 90% soy-filled lifestyle is a pretty outdated view of plant-based eating. But even if you do have a meat-friendly diet, should you incorporate soy into your diet for health reasons?

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Recipe Round-up: Healthy, Party-Ready Desserts


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During the holiday season, I need three things from my recipes: ease, deliciousness, and health.

Deliciousness is usually not too difficult to work in, and I’ve incorporated ease and health into many savory recipes and main dishes. Desserts though? I usually find myself making dessert recipes that, while delicious, are not necessary that easy or healthy.

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How much protein do you need? A look at Behavior and Biology

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Some awesome sources of protein: eggs, almonds, giant white beans, and chickpeas!


If we had to name the most beloved macronutrient in our society today, it would have to be protein. Important for building muscle, innocuous for our blood sugar levels, and generally packaged in delicious foods like hamburgers, nuts, and eggs. In contrast to carbohydrates and fat, protein is never demonized by the popular press. A life without protein? No thanks.

That doesn’t mean, however, that protein is the end-all, be-all savior for our health, and that we should eat as much protein as possible every day. For example, our brain, arguably one of our most important internal organs, relies on glucose for fuel! In times of great starvation, yes, it can use some amino acids, the building blocks of protein, for energy, in truth, your brain craves sugar.

And while protein is critical for building our muscles, bone, body tissues, and enzymes to keep our body running, too much protein can do the exact same thing that too many carbs or too much fat can do — turn into excess weight.

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Fight off your Turkey Coma this Thanksgiving

bertin thanksgiving survival guide photo
Turkey latte art courtesy of Alexandra Bertin


Happy Thanksgiving week!

While I delightfully dream up recipes for Thanksgiving dinner, I have also been thinking about ways to avert the post-dinner fatigue. There are some years where I walk out of Thanksgiving or other holidays feeling great, full of energy, and happy for the relaxation time I had with loved ones. Other years….I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, not motivated or excited to do much of anything besides sit on the couch.

I decided it’s time to make sure I walk out of each holiday excited and refreshed instead of drained and exhausted. If you’re with me…tips for a healthy Thanksgiving are after the jump!
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Holiday News

holiday wellness coaching photo
Scene from my latest health and wellness office hours visit at HQ Raleigh

Hello Friends!


Thanks for keeping up with happenings here on the blog. It’s been a blast talking and writing with you all. Please keep your questions and comments coming – it only serves to make the blog and business better!


Wanted to let you know about a few cool things going on in recent months:

-The folks at Somewhere did a feature article about my work and business. They are an awesome crew.

-I offer health and wellness office hours for the smart & motivated entrepreneurs at HQ Raleigh. It has been an amazing group of people to get to know, and we’ve addressed many diverse issues to bring better health to members.

I am available for speaking engagements about goal-setting, healthy habits, and staying healthy at home and at work. I love the power of speaking with groups about these issues, and it is so much fun!

-I’ve been teaching vinyasa yoga for private and corporate clients around the Triangle area. It’s been such a gift to watch the students grow together and to stretch in ways they never thought possible.
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Beat the winter blues


healthy during winter photo
Winter Sunrise photo by Ryan McGuire courtesy of imcreater.com

Hellllooooo Winter.

I spent all of last weekend huddled inside my house because of the freezing temps and some work deadlines. While I enjoyed and needed this break, after 2 days, I was ready to re-enter the world again. The only problem? Even though my brain was ready to get moving, my body was NOT having it. I felt tired and lazy in a way I haven’t felt in a long time…well actually…in a way I hadn’t felt since last winter! We all know it’s true….

It’s hard to be active and exercise during the winter.

No one wants to be out in the cold.  I learned the hard way this week that the winter wind is that much worse when you’re going 10 mph on the bike, and even more importantly, it can be downright dangerous to run or bike in icy conditions. Then there’s that whole daylight savings thing…it’s dark when many of us leave work, which puts a damper on post-work outdoor time.

But it’s not just the weather that’s holding us back. Our body’s seasonal clock and attitudes can dampen our motivation, too.

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Turn Distress into Eustress


turn distress into eustress photo
Photo by Wellington Sanipe via unsplash.com

Yes, yes, yes, stress is important, nay, necessary for survival. Despite being a biological system critical for our health and wellbeing, however, the human stress response is a rather blunt instrument. We have the same surge of adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine each time we encounter a stresser, whether it be an injury, a verbal attack, exercise, or anxiety about a future event. Even though these very different situations require different responses, our body’s chemistry treats them essentially equally.
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Wiggle your way to health

What do Erik Carlson and Jason Derulo have in common?

Well, not much. But they do share an appreciation of a good wiggle.


Today, I’m not talking about rap or insects, I’m actually talking about the random movement generator used in computer algorithms and robotics.

Okay stick with me, this actually does relate to your health.
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