Now what? Tips to make ayurveda a part of your life


It’s easy to take a quiz and learn your dosha. But once you label yourself a vata, pitta, and kapha…what’s next? Let’s look at how to apply this powerful information to your daily life.


Today, I want to share 5 simple steps you can take to start bringing more balance to your dosha.

First things first – are you unsure what your dosha is? Then take this quiz.


Once you’ve found your dosha, let’s talk about the positive qualities of each dosha. It’s so easy to get caught up in the negatives – to think “oh that’s why I get tired/angry/sad easily”. But each dosha actually has beautiful qualities when they are in balance.

The positive qualities of pitta

Pitta folks are a force of nature. They’re charismatic, attractive, lively, and fun. They have a magnetic personality and are always ready for an adventure. Need direction? Need a plan? Find your pitta friends.


The positive qualities of kapha

Kapha folks are always there for you. They’re loyal. They’re just nice. And they know how to have fun. If you want someone to throw a soiree, someone to have your back in a pinch, or someone to take care of your baby/dog, call on kapha.


The positive qualities of vata

Your vata friend is a little…out there, but in the best way possible. They’re creative, spiritual, and altogether interesting. They’re also the people who can see how all of the disparate pieces of a problem fit together to find a solution. Call on vata if you need someone to get crafty and make home decorations or want to have a refreshing conversation about life, meaning, and ethics.


Feeling better about your dosha? I hope so.


What if I have two doshas?

No problem! Most of us are predominantly a combination of two doshas. If you’re trying to figure out which dosha to focus on for your balancing – examine the symptoms you’re currently having define those as a specfic dosha imbalance, and then a ddress bringing that one into balance. For example, I’m generally vata-pitta (i.e., more vata than pitta), but if I’m having issues with red skin, acne, or inflammation, I’ll address pitta issues rather than vata problems.



Five ways to bring Ayurveda into your day

1. Time your meals

Each  dosha has different requirements for the number of times you eat each day, and sticking to this guide may help you feel more in balance.

  • Kapha: 2 regular meals and perhaps one smaller meal (e.g, a small breakfast)
  • Pitta: 3 regular, hearty meals evenly spaced through the day
  • Vata: 3 regular, nourishing meals with 1-2 snacks as needed.


2. Adjust your workouts

The energy levels of the three doshas differ, and so you’ll want to adjust your workouts accordingly.

  • Kapha: choose a more intense workout that gets your heart rate going, preferably in the morning. You also tend to be great endurance athletes, so think about using that to your advantage.
  • Pitta: do a challenging, intelligent workout, but you probably don’t need a lot of extra heat. Skp the bootcamp when someone’s yelling at you, and instead mix it up, finding new and different moves for your body.
  • Vata: Keep it creative, and keep it grounding. Circuit training probably isn’t your thing because you jump from exercise to exercise. Develop a routine with your workouts, doing similar activities on certain days, and don’t be afraid to move a little slower and build strength.

3. Eat right

Support your dosha by eating foods that counteract your natural tendencies. For example, pitta people tend to love hot sauce and spicy things, but that just aggravates more pitta fire!


Find great recipe ideas for a perfectly balanced breakfast here.

4. Look at your schedule

Understanding how you plan your day can dramatically affect your happiness and energy levels over time.

  • Kapha: you might want to workout in the morning and wake up a little earlier to make sure you don’t stay in bed or feel tired all day!
  • Pitta: make sure you get some people time. You want to share, to lead, to be part of a community that you’re passionate about. If a lot of your work is at a computer, make sure you schedule some meetings or a happy hour to see your people.
  • Vata: you’ll think it’s a great idea to run all over town and have 6 projects happening at the same time, but slow it down a little bit. Get more structure in your schedule and create a regular routine as best as you can.


5. Embrace your strengths.

Remember those positive qualities I mentioned above? Start using them to your advantage! Pitta: put yourself in leadership positions. Kapha: show everyone how you can band them together around a common cause. Vata: keep creating and embrace your “out-there” ideas. The more you focus on the positive qualities inherent to you, the more you’ll thrive.



Your assignment:

Which of these five aspects can you introduce in your day to be an even better you? Leave a comment below to let us know!


  Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day,   samantha attard sig


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