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A few weeks ago, I helped host a giveaway on Instagram with the lovely Kaley of @the_goodness_goddess. She is all about living authentically and sharing healthy, happy ways with others, which is a mission you know Happy Healthy Human can get behind.

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The rules of the giveaway? In order to win a sample pack of Happy Healthy Human, we simply wanted to know people’s favorite self-care tips.


We all have little tips and tricks that help us feel amazing. But what’s obvious and simple to us can be life-changing for others. In the spirit of learning from everyone  you come in contact with, I wanted to share some of my favorite comments from this giveaway.



My other takeaway from this experience? Self-care is personal. We all have different routines and habits that make us feel our best.


I’d love to keep the crowd-sourcing going: what’s your favorite self-care tip? Please share in the comments below.



  • eatwithkelly: I like to mediate every morning and night after waking up, and right before going to bed 🙌🏽
  • lavender_lemon22 My self care tip is taking time for personal development! This has been huge for me the past few months!
  • sarah.marie01  Before bed, give yourself 10 minutes to reflect on your day.
  • holisticselfloveMy favorite self care tip is one I actually just started (and I am obsessed/ can’t wait to share) I have a habit of internalizing my feelings and then the smallest thing will break me. I often worry about things outside of my control and visualization to let go of those things doesn’t work too great for me. SO! I bought a small box from michaels, I am going to paint it, and my fears/stressors/things I can’t control, I will write down and place in the box because they aren’t mine to hold on to forever. 💚💚💚
  • kibas_kitchen My self care tips is to spend some time in thought each day to reflect on life and all the things you have to be grateful for, it might not be much but it’s something!


Favorite Products:

  • @beatactivated i love using the Mama Belly oil from the Baby Bear Shop. It’s organic, smells great, helps me relax and make sure I don’t get any stretch marks on my belly and thighs. And it’s great for my 7 yr old son on his Eczema and soon to be born baby!
  • livewellman I like to add two drops of the Doterra “On Guard” oil to my coconut oil when I do a pull in the morning!! It helps my overall immune system anndddd protects my gums
  • thesanctumcafe eating at the Sanctum 😋


Healthy Routines:

  • juliadoesblog  I know that me and @theygavemeacamera love to focus on eating natural foods and staying hydrated!! Such a big key to feeling good
  • jessiemayf I infuse my water with different fruits, veggies, and/or herbs to trick myself into drinking more water throughout the day.
  • quietcassidy  super smoothie every morning!
  • figgiethefoodie warm lemon water in the morning
  • seattleseneca Healthy tip #1 in my book: prioritize sleep and cut blue screens (cell, laptop, TV) before bed
  • jlrontal read a book in print! feel the pages in your hands
  • allyski25 getting enough sleep
  • jennie_langer Drink at least half your body weight (in oz) of water to make sure you’re drinking enough water. It helps a bunch of different parts and systems in your body, so it’s super important to make sure you get enough. A lot of people don’t realize that they need as much as they do.
  • thelilveggieSelf care for me is curling up with a good book & a cup of herbal tea 📖🍵 best way to relax and escape! ✨
  • julisabino I’m all about some time spent in nature! Whether it’s a walk to the lake or gardening, I need some Motha Nature! 💙
  • mngeraghtyMy favorite self care technique is going for a swim and enjoying a fresh, healthy smoothie 🍍🍎🍋
  • theholistichealthcoach My favorite self care technique is putting down the phone and snuggling with my pup🌿🐶🌿
  • kaaydubss🌴🍃  fave self care tip: drinking tonsss of water 🌊💦 , switching up work out routines, trying to eat as clean / paleo friendly as possible 🌝 :~)
  • purposeinjourney My favorite self care is swimming. The world shuts off for a little while and I have to focus to stay in the moment. It keeps me in my body, which is awesome because I often dissociate.


So, what’s your favorite self-care tip? Which from this list might you start to incorporate?


  Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day,   samantha attard sig


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