February 2018 Events!

From yoga to Ayurveda to nutrition, check out the fun and informative events we have planned for February!


If you’re interested in hosting me as a speaker or yoga instructor, please send an email to sam[at]behappyhealthyhuman[dot]com.


Food Freedom – Tuesday January 30th – 6:30-8:30pm

Join pineapple for an interactive evening of “food freedom” with 4 women we admire in wellness–Jennifer SterlingJoanna Andreae of Wandering WellnessSamantha Attard of Happy Healthy Human, and Lina Salazar of Live Well –to have an open conversation about our identities with food together. We’ll explore our emotions, actions and desires RE eating and drinking and meditate set intentions together to summon whatever habits or mindsets we seek.

Join us in making friends with each other & our bodies during a panel discussion and breakout sessions. Register here!



Partner Yoga – Saturday February 10th – 1:30-3:00pm

I’m co-teaching with Vanessa at Spark Yoga Arlington. Come by yourself or with a friend to learn fun partner poses and assists that you can do at home to deepen your practice! Register here!



Ayurveda for Relationships – Saturday February 17th – 9:30-11:00am

Join us for a workshop at Take Care DC.  We’ll use the framework of Ayurveda to explain why you get along so well (or not) with certain types of people, plus how you can create more productive and positive relationships.

You’ll learn what your unique mind/body type is as well as the strengths and the pitfalls of each type in interpersonal relationships. Then, we’ll discuss how to identify (and deal with) the other mind/body types so that you’re connected, confident, and successful both personally and professionally.

Full Heart Yoga Winter Retreat – Saturday, February 24th – 9:30am-5:00pm

This retreat at Blueberry Gardens is an incredible opportunity to journey within, to call ourselves home and tend our self-nourishing root system, and to honor and refine the current spiral of our transformation. On this deeply nurturing and inspiring retreat, we will steep ourselves in the rich wisdom of divine feminine archetypes from around the globe as well as the powerful teachings provided by all of Mother Nature’s energies.



This retreat is led by three fabulous women: Gabrielle Fouche Williams, Whit Sweet, and Elizabeth Lakshmi Kanter.

I’ll be making a nourishing, vegan lunch for everyone!

You can learn more about the retreat and sign up here.



Kitchari Cleanse with Laurel Street Kitchen – February 26-28th

Kitchari is a rice and lentil dish prized in Ayurveda. for it’s health and wholesomeness. With Renee of Laurel Street Kitchen, we’ll be leading through the why’s and how’s of a 3 day kitchari cleanse so ease you through the seasons.

Stay up to date by sending an email to sam[at]behappyhealthyhuman[dot]com. There are more details to come!


Vinyasa & Power Yoga – Daily – times vary

Come out to Spark Yoga for a range of vinyasa and power yoga classes! They’ll leave you feeling energized, centered, and joyful. Check out my schedule here.



Other events

Fun events and opportunities are always popping up! The best way to stay informed is to follow me on Instagram – @behappyhealthyhuman.


I also offer private events for small groups, yoga teacher trainings, and corporate clients. If you’re interested in hosting me as a speaker or yoga instructor, please send an email to sam[at]behappyhealthyhuman[dot]com. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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