January Moon Chat – The power of full moon intentions

Hello friends!

Let’s talk about my new favorite thing – Moon Chats. I’m getting together with friend, fellow yoga instructor, and astrology expert Kathleen Barry. We’re talking about what’s happening in the stars and what it means for your life.

To me astrology is an extension of the same lessons of Ayurveda – our internal world is a reflection of our external world, and we can look to the environment around us to make sense of what’s happening internally.

In our inaugural Moon Chat, Kathleen’s telling us about the Super Blood Wolf Moon (i.e., a full moon that’s very close to the earth, has a lunar eclipse, and is taking place in January).

We’ll talk about the types of intentions to set during the full moon, what it means for our moon to be moving into Leo, plus how the lessons of this Super Blood Wolf Moon relate to kapha energy and shedding our comfort.

This is an amazing conversation, and I can’t wait for our next installment!

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