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In last weeks’ newsletter, I talked about the inevitable mistakes and slip ups we make while living a healthy lifestyle. You’d think it’d be easy to make those decisions that support our health – just think about the sheer number of health articles, books and tips you’re read this year…. Even with incredible amounts of information at our fingertips, none of us manage to act as healthy as can be 100% of the time.  Yet, many of us have the expectation that we have to be striving for 100% health.


Even though the holiday season gets a lot of blame from health professionals…

living healthfully is a conscious decision 365 days per year.


Each and every day, we face alarm clocks that fail to go off, late subways, forgotten lunches, greasy burgers, or difficult situations at home or work….every day, we navigate these onslaughts, aiming to keep making decisions that support our happiness and health, but not always succeeding.


What I’ve found through my own experiences and my work with clients is that a better predictor of health and happiness is not how many slip ups happen on our journey, but rather, how you react to those situations and slip ups.

After something intentionally or unintentionally goes awry with your health plans, what would your rather happen?

  1. Continue to make poor health decisions because ‘you’ve already messed up anyway. Get angry at yourself, the dog, your friends, or strangers for messing up your best-laid plans.
  2. Assess the situation, acknowledge what you could have done to prevent the situation (if anything),  move on, and do better next time.


Number 2 just sounds better, right? That’s the “happy” that goes along with “healthy”.

When you take it as a given that the slip ups eventually happen, you can pick up and move on when they inevitably do. I’ve written before about strategies to implement the number 2 scenario, but what I didn’t appreciate until recently is that living the number 2 decision is actually about confidence. Seriously!


Living healthfully (and happily) is about having the confidence to know that one slip up does not mean an entire lifetime of slip ups.

One slip up is just that…ONE slip up. With that confidence and outlook, we have the power to catch ourselves when we fall, to get back up, and to continue moving forward. That is the great journey of our lives. And while it’s not easy, it is definitely worth it.


Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday, friends!


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