Life is your Creative Process


Today I wanted to talk about the creative process. And I know – so many of us don’t see what we do in our work or home life as creative, but it truly is. Creation is “the action or process of bringing something into existence”, and whether that’s a baby, a spreadsheet, or a work of art, it’s all creative.


When we focus on the creative process, we hear about how important it is to create a ritual, a routine. To show up in order to create.


However, in my experience, the most difficult part hasn’t been showing up to create, it’s been showing up to be inspired.


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Inspiration is a critical part of the creative process. Without inspiration, there’s nothing to draw from, nothing to build on. Inspiration is the wood that feeds the fire of creativity.


And where do we get inspiration? Actually, it’s a form of self-care. Because inspiration usually doesn’t come passively. We need to carve out time. We need to choose books and movies and places that stimulate our imagination. We need to research and learn enough so that we can connect the dots.


This is something I had a hard time doing when I first started working as a yoga teacher and coach. I would meticulously prepare for classes and sessions, but very quickly, I was depleted. No ideas were coming in, and it all felt stale. It was when I realized that my job is actually to be inspired that I was able to get a constant flow of ideas and was excited by my work again.


This idea of inspiration, then creation, came up with a client of mine. He recently quit his job and is in the midst of finding his next steps. At first he was ready to buckle down and search for jobs, but through our conversation, he decided to also build in inspiration time – time to read, listen to podcasts, and learn what he was interested in, so that he could tailor his job search to be energizing, rather than draining.


And so it is with all things in our life – take time to fill your cup, to be inspired, and you’ll have the energy you need to create the life you want.

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