May 2019 Lake Anna Yoga Retreat

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Welcome the changing seasons with 3 days immersed in Yoga and the simple wellness practices of Ayurveda.


At this seasonal retreat, learn and actively participate in healing routines and rituals that will reconnect you to nature and to yourself. You’ll feel balanced and at ease with a daily routine of nourishing food, intelligent movement, and positive community.


Our retreat is located in a lakeside house at Lake Anna.  You’ll walk away from this retreat feeling good in body, mind, and spirit. You’ll get to explore new ways of adding intention to your day, and be empowered to bring these routines into your daily life. You’ll meet a community of supportive, like-minded individuals who want to live their best life on their own terms.


“I loved how you created a loose schedule for us, but allowed natural moments of fun and conversation to happen. This entire weekend felt very genuine and natural, which is very special to me. Plus, loved all the knowledge you dropped. My recipe book and herb collection are going to grow a lot after this.”

-Morgan, Retreat Participant

What we’ll do:

We’ll have 2 daily yoga practices (vinyasa and yin), cook and eat nourishing, delicious, vegan food, and have discussions on Ayurvedic practices related to cooking, daily routines, and relationships. Everyone will also receive a private yoga session to better understand the movements that will help them build strength and bring more ease to their day. We’ll hike, smile, laugh, tell stories, and let our individual lights shine in the best way possible: in the company of friends.



Thursday May 16th (evening) through Sunday May 19th (mid-morning)



Lakeside on Lake Anna, about a 90 minute drive from DC.



We’ll be staying in a beautiful lakefront house, which has ample living space, a beautiful, light kitchen, huge porches, and gorgeous property.


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About your Facilitator:

Samantha Attard is a nutrition PhD, yoga teacher with over 1500 hours of teaching experience, Ayurvedic coach, and doula. Sam helps her students incorporate mental and physical energy to find healing in all aspects of their life. On this retreat, expect to learn more about yourself and your patterns as you uncover how to navigate your life in a more positive, balanced way.


“The retreat was wonderful. You made the whole experience so welcoming and inviting which allowed all of us to open up and feel comfortable expressing our opinions. Ultimately, I feel being able to take this time is what will make the world better because if we can’t take care of ourselves how are we supposed to take care of others. I will never forget this experience. I think it is a beginning and not an end.”

-Kelsey, Retreat Participant


Tentative Schedule:

Thursday night:

  • 6:00pm arrival and settling in
  • Home-cooked vegan dinner
  • Yin yoga and intention setting.


Friday & Saturday:

  • Sunrise meditation and mantra
  • Vinyasa Yoga Practice
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Workshop – Ayurveda, Chakras, and More
  • Lunch Cooking Class and Eating
  • Break
  • Afternoon Hike
  • Dinner
  • Yin Yoga



  • Sunrise meditation and mantra
  • Vinyasa Yoga Practice
  • Delicious Breakfast
  • Closing Ceremony (~11am)



  • Solo Room: $900 (three spots available)
  • Shared Room – Queen Bed: $750 (one spot available)
  • Shared Room – Single Bed: $675 (three spots available)
  • Optional: If you’d like to travel with a friend and are willing to share a queen bed in the Solo Room, your cost is reduced to $600 each.


Non-refundable $300 deposit due immediately to reserve your spot. The remainder of the Payment due by April 15th.


There are very limited spots on this retreat available, so please reserve your spot as soon as possible.


If you have questions about this retreat or want to make sure it’s right for you, contact Sam at sam[at]behappyhealthyhuman[dot]com.