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  • Instant Gratification & Self-Improvement
    Whew! After an amazing weekend at my Ayurvedic retreat in Virginia, I'm sharing a powerful lesson on self-compassion and self-improvement. I can't even count the amount of times that my clients have told me "I just need to let this go" in reference to stress or turmoil. My answer? Actually you don't need to let […]
  • 30 minute yoga for creating space
    Today's 30 minute yoga sequence is based on a sequence I used last week in class to help my doula client relax her pelvic floor, tone her leg muscles and get ready for labor! Don't worry - this is a great class to do, even if you aren't pregnant. Enjoy the space and relaxation that […]
  • Vegan, gluten-free sweet potato gnocchi
    A new favorite recipe at my household: fast vegan gluten free sweet potato gnocchi (say that 5 times fast). My methods of making gnocchi may not be traditional, but you still get the delicious flavor and texture of traditional gnocchi. It's worth a try. In today's episode: How I prefer to cook gnocchi for perfect […]
  • Tonglen Meditation - You are not alone
    After a week where two very famous and "successful" people committed suicide, I'm sharing how I understand suicide from the lens of yoga, Ayurveda, and Buddhist wisdom. I'm also sharing a meditation practice that's beneficial for feeling your connection to others and less alone in your pain. If you're experiencing issues or thoughts of suicide, […]
  • Relaxation from the inside out
    It is so easy to get caught up in the external - all of the things that we can see and direct with our own eyes. But stress is a two-way street. It can come from an external source or an internal source. That means that relief can be internally generated as well. Today I'm […]