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  • May the Prana be with you
    This week is all about prana - that life force and energy that's flowing through each and every one of us. In today's episode, we're doing an intro on prana and discussing how do we even notice this subtle energy flowing through our bodies? Get ready for a week full of prana and energy-filled goodness. […]
  • Meditation: Finding your Purpose
    Today's episode is a guided meditation about finding your purpose. Through breath, stillness, and focus, we'll help you tune into your sense of purpose plus help you identify how to know you're on the right path. This is a fast and simple guided meditation, perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike! If you like this […]
  • Purpose, Dharma, and Intuition
    Let's talk dharma. Dharma is a purpose - it's why we show up in this body, at this specific time, in this specific environment. We each have our own purpose, but it can sometimes feel elusive. How do we know that we're on the right path? Today's episode explores how to cultivate your intuition to […]
  • When Change Doesn't Feel Good
    On a fundamental level, we're always experiencing change. Our cells are constantly in motion, and our energy is as well. We as humans are constantly evolving. But sometimes....this evolution doesn't feel that good. We gain new insights and views into the world that aren't pretty - we see war, sadness, poverty, despair... what do we […]
  • Understanding the Chakras
    Oh, chakras. It's an esoteric term often used to make fun of people in movies when they're a little too "hippie". But let's talk about what the chakras ACTUALLY are, how they relate loosely to Western medicine and physiology, and most importantly, how they can be used to add intentionality and balance to your day. […]