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  • 45 minute vinyasa yoga to celebrate infinite possibilities
    Today's yoga practice is for celebrating the infinite possibilities in the future. We'll ground down into our present moment so that we're firmly anchored and ready to take the steps needed to build the future that we want to see! This practice is an intermediate-level flow. Feel free to take it up or down as […]
  • Your future starts in your present
    Today's podcast is a super important look into TIME. From the infinite possibilities of the future to our realities of the present, you'll learn how to achieve your dreams, one step at a time. Plus, I'm sharing my favorite tool for getting things done: WOOP! In today's episode: -Why stress happens in past and future, […]
  • The most underrated part of your birth plan
    Time for another audio/video episode of the podcast. This podcast is all about an important part of your birth plan: what's going to happen in your car ride to the hospital. It sounds silly, but your car ride plays a huge role in your mental/physical wellness when you get to the hospital. In today's episode: […]
  • Monday motivation according to your Ayurvedic dosha
    Happy Monday! Let's get your Monday motivation revved up this week by talking about how your motivation and, goal setting, and follow through differs depending on your Ayurvedic dosha. We often think that there's one prescription for "balance" in our life - we think that we need to have a certain amount of time at […]
  • 30 minute vinyasa yoga to balance your 5th chakra
    Today's yoga practice is for balancing your 5th chakra and toning your voice. The 5th chakra is centered at the throat and is how we communicate with the world. The throat chakra is what allows us to express our inner world and our values. We need to learn to speak with integrity and love, which […]