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  • Moon Chat: Reframing Mercury Retrograde
    Today on the podcast we have Kathleen Barry back to talk about Mercury Retrograde! I know - it's everyone's favorite astrological phenomenon (or at least the one we hear about the most), but in this podcast, we're going to do a deep dive in Mercury Retrograde to understand how it can be a catalyst for […]
  • Nicole Lanteri: Work/Life Balance (or lack thereof) and using your gifts
    I am SO grateful for this conversation with Interior Decorator Nicole Lanteri. Nicole is an amazing creative and business woman. She started her interior design business 10 years ago when she realized that being a lawyer wasn't using her gifts and energy to the best of her ability. I'm so glad that she made that […]
  • Moving through fear and setting big audacious goals
    Setting goals is such an important aspect of being human - we're always aiming for something that's just out of reach. But how do we deal with the fear that comes along with setting these goals? In today's podcast, you'll learn why setting goals are so scary and how to overcome that fear so that […]
  • Moon Chat: How to Find and Read your Astrology Birth Chart!
    Most of us know the sign based on our date of birth, but do you know that you actually have MULTIPLE signs? These signs are based on the positions of the planets at the time and place of your birth. With this information, you are armed with a fuller picture of your personality, work, life, […]
  • Getting rid of "should" - an interview with social worker Jerusha Hull
    Today on the podcast, we have an interview with the talented and caring Jerusha Hull. Jerusha is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the founder of Virtue Counseling in Arlington, VA. Jerusha¬†specializes in issues particular to women such as prenatal loss, infertility, birth trauma and recovery, postpartum depression and anxiety, your role as a mother, […]