Happy Healthy Human products and services have been featured in new and traditional press.



Great Day Washington final
Great Day Washington: Learn the benefits of meditation, how you can meditate at work, and the connection between mind and body.


smart people podcast logo finalSmart People Podcast:
An interview with Samantha about personalized nutrition, Ayurveda, and making your first health changes.


i-genius-logo final

i-genius: An interview with Samantha about her business, life as a social entrepreneur, how to deal with failure, and her 30-day meditation series!


Pace the nation Logo final

Pace the Nation Podcast: (Episode 30, starting at 18:00min) Samantha talks with the team about running, nutrition, and wellness.



Addo Aesthetics final

Addo Aesthetics: Learn why good nutrition has a major impact on your skin!




phettle logo final

Phettle Magazine: Samantha answers your nutrition questions in her weekly column on Phettle.



sheownsit final Learn about reducing stress and making healthier choices as a solopreneur or entrepreneur.





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