Triumph over kapha for a healthy spring

kapha spring photo
I don’t know about you guys, but the weather right now has me in a bit of whiplash.


Some days – it’s beautiful! The sun is shining, I don’t need a coat, and I feel awake and alive. Other days – it’s cloud city, and the air just feels damp. These changes in weather can be confusing not only for our wardrobes, but for our bodies as well. Hence the huge crop of spring sniffles and sneezes. If you’re anything like me, you’re also feeling a little tired, a little “ho-hum”, and there’s a nagging fogginess in your brain that just won’t go away.


When I started to notice these symptoms, I was worried – Am I losing my edge? Why aren’t I more excited to get up, see friends, or do anything?


Then I remembered — Kapha. Duh! Okay perhaps that isn’t obvious to you….so let me explain:

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Welcome to Fall: Your Vata Season Survival Guide

fall vata season photo Photo Credit: Stephy Pariande from


Welcome to Fall! I love the fact that the air in North Carolina has turned crisp and cool, and we’re no longer living in 100% humidity. But that influx of wind also signifies the return of Vata season, which is typified by dryness, fast movement, and lightness. A major change from the heavy and hot summer air. Continue reading…

Personalized Medicine: Understanding your Ayurvedic Dosha

Meal for Vata Dosha
A satisfying meal for a Vata Dosha – lentils and rice with warm yogurt.

Isn’t it funny that even though all humans have 99.99% of the same DNA, we have such different preferences, routines, and needs? Perhaps you love a relaxing, grounding yoga practice, while your friend prefers to run ultra marathons…or you can’t stand the summer, while your sister revels in the heat. Despite our similarities, everyone feels best with a different set of routines and habits.
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Why can’t I get to sleep?

Happy Sleeper

Let’s talk about sleep. Sleep is being mentioned everywhere in the news these days: getting enough sleep has been linked to increased happiness and productivity, weight loss, lower diabetes risk….you name it!

Due to all of this research, however, there’s also a plethora of “how to sleep better” articles and tips around the web. The problem I always run in to when reading these articles is that sleeping problems are not created equal! Some nights, I can’t fall asleep easily because I’m agitated or stressed. On others, I’m blissfully happy, but (being in North Carolina), my belly is full of barbeque and I just can’t get comfortable. These two causes are completely different and require different techniques to overcome!

Luckily, taking some time to figure out what is underlying your sleeping issues can make it much easier to take the right steps to bring you closer to some happy Z’s. Continue reading…

Natural spring allergy relief

Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers in Durham, NC

So if you receive my newsletter (shameless plug -you really should sign up -it’s awesome!), you know that I am blissfully happy about the return of Spring. I love feeling of warm sun on my skin, hearing the birds chirping, and seeing the beautiful flowers and new plants popping up everywhere. But the pollen that has invaded North Carolina? Not so nice. There is a fine green powder which has coated every outdoor surface for the past few days, and even though I don’t suffer from seasonal allergies, my throat is scratchy, and my breathing feels bothered when I am outside. I can only imagine how the true allergy sufferers are feeling.

Even though Spring gives us amazing weather and delicious vegetables, we also need to help our bodies protect itself from the not-so-nice parts of Springtime.  Some strategies for allergy relief after the jump…

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