Understanding the Chakras

Oh, chakras. It’s an esoteric term often used to make fun of people in movies when they’re a little too “hippie”. But let’s talk about what the chakras ACTUALLY are, how they relate loosely to Western medicine and physiology, and most importantly, how they can be used to add intentionality and balance to your day. No, I don’t know or believe that using the chakras will cure major disease. But they can give you great insights into what’s happening in your body and mind, and sometimes that’s all we need.

In Today’s Episode:
-What are the seven chakras and where are they located.
-How the chakras relate to the endocrine (hormone) system.
-The relationship between the chakras and the Ayurvedic doshas.
-How to use chakras to better understand your emotions, plus how to balance them.

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