Sam’s an exceptional birthing coach

Sam’s an exceptional birthing coach and I highly recommend her to others. I liked having her provide third party, rational insight during what felt like a chaotic labor/delivery. I really enjoyed the positive energy that Sam provided during the labor process.

        Delaney M., Washington, DC


She was a great fit working with me and my husband

During a very uncertain time, Sam offered information and support that helped me get through labor and delivery. I wish we would have started working with her sooner during my pregnancy! She was a great fit working with me and my husband to bring our son into the world.

        Kristen M., Arlington, VA


She is truly and authentically invested in her clients

Sam’s approach to teaching yoga is non-judgmental and loving.  She challenges me and encourages me at just the right times! What stands out most about Sam’s teaching style is that she is truly and authentically invested in her clients.  It’s obvious that she loves what she does. I have already recommended Sam’s services to my friends, and will continue to do so!  When I find something I love, I can’t help but share it. And Sam’s classes are too good not to share!

        Nancy D., Durham, NC


Sam is a deeply knowledgeable and lovely to be around

Working with Sam has been a wonderful experience! Sam asked the right questions to get to know my goals and priorities quickly, and then offered highly customized solutions during our sessions.  Working with her gave me the wellness “tune up” that I needed, and I’ve made several positive changes as a result of our time together.   And to boot, Sam is a deeply knowledgeable and lovely to be around.  Great experience, highly recommend!

          Jill W., Cary, NC


The improvements that Sam has helped me achieved in my life will change me forever.

Sam is flexible (in many ways) to different peoples’ needs, style and preferences.  I was surprised at how good Sam is at integrating her advice in to my daily patterns and my preferences. I feel like [my program] has been custom made….the more I achieve, the easier it is for me to tackle new goals. Sam’s involvement in my life has been monumental!  The improvements that she has helped me achieved in my life will change me forever!

          Ed K., Brooklyn, NY


Our yoga sessions are usually the highlight of my week.

I feel strong and powerful, and at the same time it’s relaxing. Samantha makes you feel like you can accomplish anything– she’s so encouraging and helpful. Even when I’m feeling doubtful about my ability to do something (in yoga or in life), her positivity helps me realize that I can do it.

          Kiran B., Chapel Hill, NC


Sam’s coaching style is fabulous and non-judgmental.

Sam’s coaching style is fabulous and non-judgmental. I would recommend her services to my friends to get them on the right path to a healthy eating and lifestyle.

         Nancy B., Providence, RI

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