Are you ready to love the life that you live?

Day 5 Meditation
I asked this question to my client Brian a few months ago.
On the outside, Brian had a “perfect” life. He was a fit and healthy 20-something living in Boston, and had a successful career in sales. But inside he was incredibly unhappy.
Brian knew he wasn’t being honest with himself or others. He said he wanted an authentic, deliberate life, but he was scared to go and get it.
After a few months of work together, Brian stopped hiding and started truly living. He took a sabbatical, quit his job, started speaking up in his relationships, and followed his own intuition rather than other people’s opinions. In the process of pursuing his dream, he realized he was living it: a deliberate, authentic life.

We all have something in our lives that we’re trying to improve, so that we can love the life that we live.

Things like:

  1. "I keep trying to eat the right things and exercise, but my waistline (and energy) aren’t improving." We’re bombarded by health and marketing messages making it sound like there’s a quick fixes to our health issues. But science is proving again and again that we all have personalized needs. And if you can’t decipher which prescriptions apply to your unique situation, you never make progress towards your goals, no matter how hard you try.
  2.  "

  3. "I feel stuck in my current job, and I don’t know how to improve my situation." Job satisfaction comes from a few different places: alignment with your personal mission, compatibility with your colleagues and peers, and support from your employer. If you’re having issues with any of these areas, your job makes you angry or exhausted, sabotaging your ability to take care of your mental and physical wellbeing.

  5. "I’m just plain stressed out. There’s too much to do, and not enough time to do it." There are so many demands on our time, and our personal self-care often gets pushed to the side. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, overburdened, and like you haven’t checked in on your own well being, it’s time to slow it down and figure out what to prioritize.


Which of these issues - career, diet, or time - is holding you back from loving the life that you live?

The bad news: There’s no blanket solution to these problems. We can arrive at the same symptoms from different underlying causes, and anyone who promises you results with a one-size-fits-all solution is doing you a disservice.
The good news: We can work together to find the perfect solution for you, just like I’ve done with Brian and many other clients. Our conversations are designed to uncover the underlying physical and mental causes of your specific issues and then to design creative solutions that remove them from your life.
The best news: I actually do this for free.


Schedule a clarifying session with me.

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Here's what we'll do:
  1. take a deep dive into the specific issues you’re facing and how it's impacting your ability to live your best life
  2. uncover the unique mental and physical imbalances that are the true underlying causes of your troubles
  3. architect your personalized solutions based on your specific strengths, weaknesses, goals and dreams


My goal? To help you discover your unique path to loving the life you live.
I know that when you're taking care of yourself and you're excited about the life you're leading, you're more likely to make other people's lives better too. That's why I’m so passionate about this mission and I'm willing to help whether I get paid or not.

To make sure we’ll both get the most out of the session, let’s make sure we’ll work well together.

Sign up for this clarifying session if you're:

  • ambitious
  • self-reflective
  • committed
  • fun!
  • ready for change
  • feel like you have wasted potential or could be doing “more”?


Please do not reach out if:

  • You’re dealing with severe depression/anxiety (a therapist will be much better help than I would)
  • You have an eating disorder
  • You’re looking for a quick fix or a crash diet
  • You “only” want to talk about diet and aren’t interested in discussing stress or lifestyle

This offer only has the potential to help, so what are you waiting for?


Fill out this contact form with 3 dates/times you’d like to meet, and I’ll reach out in the next 36 hours.

A Note:  I am not a physician and can not diagnosis or treat specific illnesses or disorders. If you suspect you may have an ailment or illness that may require medical attention, please consult with a licensed physician.