Americans spend more time working than doing any other activity, including sleep.

And unfortunately, most people feel that work is something to be endured, rather than enjoyed. The constant string of emails, communications, and stressors leave employees exhausted and unmotivated to go to the gym or make a healthy dinner. Plus, it means they are less engaged and less productive when at work.

Simple changes to habits during your workday can dramatically improve your team’s ability to achieve both their personal and professional goals, which leaves you with a productive, agile, and loyal team.

Perhaps your employees are:

  • Overtired and unable to focus
  • Unwilling to step into leadership positions
  • Provide less than ideal service to clients or customers

Imagine instead that your team:

  • Confidently handles unexpected situations
  • Works collaboratively and enthusiastically
  • Shares positive feedback about your company culture

    Promoting a collaborative culture of wellness will transform your work environment as well as your business.

    I offer original, innovative insights to help your team get their personal and professional goals on track, resulting in for a more collaborative, fun, and productive work environment.


    Provide a wellness seminar

    Offer wellness coaching for your employees

    Upgrade your employee wellness program




    Provide a wellness seminar

    Wellness seminars get your team excited and talking about reducing stress & working better.

    I have spoken at companies such as Seventh Generation, Windsor Circle, and HQ Raleigh about increasing healthy practices and reducing stress throughout the workday.

    Each presentation I give is tailored to your team's specific needs and goals, and we have a lot of fun!

    Some topics I cover include:

    • Keys to a healthy workday: mental and physical practices that build a more productive and healthy day
    • Healthy eating for travel, work, and restaurants: how to make healthier diet choices even in the toughest of situations
    • Setting personalized, attainable goals: set goals that align with your core values and priorities
    • Nutrition and Health Q and A!: an open forum where I take your questions about diet and health topics
    • Healthy cooking demos and more...

    Contact me to get your team on a path to wellness.



    Offer wellness coaching for employees


    Offering wellness coaching to your employees shows a deep commitment to their health and wellbeing. I capitalize on my expertise as a wellness coach to provide ongoing, tailored, and expert health advice to your employees.

    I visit companies to hold open wellness "office hours", provide onsite visits for one-on-one coaching, and am available for coaching over the phone.

    Let's get your team feeling good today.



    Upgrade your employee wellness program

    If you're ready to take your employee wellness program to the next level, bring me onsite to do a complete 360 of your employee wellness program.

    What you'll receive:

    • Creative, low-cost solutions to make healthy choices the default in your office
    • Tailored recommendations to improve office happiness and health that fit your company's mission and goals
    • Insightful suggestions to promote open communication and productivity in your office
    • Healthier food and beverage offerings to boost health and productivity

    My tailored recommendations will leave you excited and empowered to help your team work smarter and live happier.

    Let's talk about what your company needs to be it's best.