Why private yoga?

It combines the powers of personal training, meditation, and life coaching all in one.
This is an opportunity to create clarity, strength, and joy in your life. We'll dive deep into those stressors keeping you from feeling like the best version of you. Then, I devise personalized sessions to keep you centered, calm, and living with radiance.
This is the curated wellness you need and deserve.

Our yoga sessions are specifically designed for your body, life, and goals.

  • Want to feel more powerful? We'll focus on standing poses, balances, and inversions.
  • Need to release some pent up emotions? We'll get go to the deep muscles of your hips and core to find release.
  • Ready for more calm? We'll slow things down, meditate, and do breathing exercises.

No matter what, you'll leave our sessions with a sense of balance and positive energy. No two sessions are the same and it's completely personalized for you.

Here's what clients are saying:

Our yoga sessions are usually the highlight of my week. Samantha makes you feel like you can accomplish anything-- she's so encouraging and helpful. Even when I'm feeling doubtful about my ability to do something (in yoga or in life), her positivity helps me realize that I can do it. - Kiran B.

Sam’s approach to teaching is non-judgmental and loving. She challenges me and encourages me at just the right times!What stands out most about Sam’s teaching style is that she is truly and authentically invested in her clients. -Nancy D.


How it works:

I meet with clients in person in Arlington, Virginia and virtually across the country!

  • Get a free consultation to make sure we'd be a great fit for each other.
  • Initial 90-minute consultation to discuss your goals and explore your physical, mental, and energetic situation. We'll do movement to explore your range of motion and strength, and you'll walk away from this initial session with exercises and ideas that you can integrate into your every day: $160
  • Our follow-up 60-minute sessions are a combination of movement, breathing, meditation and conversation to get your desired results. Each session is unique and specifically designed for your energy and body: $95/session or $425 for 5.


Your dollars will do good

private yoga arlington dc

5% of all proceeds from private yoga clients go to support The Thich Nhat Hahn Foundation, an organization that provides mindfulness practices to underserved communities.


Contact me for a free consultation, and we'll discuss what private yoga can do for you!